Importance of Teamwork at School and Home…


Who do you identify as the team? The team is the group who interacts with the person/student in the class. The team usually consists of the teacher, the Occupational Therapist (OT), Physical Therapist (PT), Speech Therapist, Adapted Physical Education  (APE) teacher, vision specialists, and whoever works or services the student. The team works together to give the particular student the best education they can get. The team members consult with each other on a daily basis to talk and continually improve the student’s education and life in school. The team is familiar with the student’s strengths and goals. The team works together on the student’s goals and objectives. There is ongoing conversation within the team during the school year to keep updated with the student’s progress and daily life.

Just like in the school setting, the team at home could be the mom, dad, siblings, grandmother or whoever lives with the person with special needs. It is important for everyone to be on the same page for consistency and structure.  The team at home should be familiar with the person’s IEP (individualized Educational Plan) from school and work on similar goals at home relating to the person’s personal life. If the school is working on the goal of toilet training, the team at home should carry on with the same goal. The team’s overall function is to work together to meet the all the needs of the person with special needs so that he/she lives the best life possible.

Below are pictures of the vision specialist, physical therapist. occupational therapist, APE (Adaptive Physical Education) instructor and speech therapist working with my students. We are all a team informing each other of progress and information on each student. Below is also a picture of me and my colleagues.

photo 1-12team

skygym skysue skyannheatherOT


2 thoughts on “Importance of Teamwork at School and Home…

  1. Your such an inspiration I admire the work that you do for our children! We need people like you to make a difference!


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