Cause and Effect iPad Apps. for Children With Significant Disabilities Post 2 (see page: Benefit of iPad Usage)

The cause and effect applications on iPads allow for us to assess our students/children who have significant disabilities to see what motivates them and makes them “light” up.  It allows us to see what they like, dislike, enjoy and what apps. they are not amused with.  It helps the students/children themselves see that something happens when they touch the iPad screen and  something continues to happen when they continue to touch the screen.  Why does the iPad app. make beautiful sounds? The CAUSE would be the student  touching the piano keys and the EFFECT would be the sounds the app. makes. We as educators and family members give the students/children the power to make something happen independently.

There are some cause and effect applications on the iPad for children with significant disabilities including visual impairments and developmental disabilities. With a slight touch of the finger (s) or hands, the iPad application will generate sounds, music and light depending on the application. Cause and effect apps. are wonderful for students with multiple disabilities allowing for them to “control” the music or light on their own. The more they are exposed to these cause and effect apps., the more they understand why the slight touch of their hand/finger is creating light or music. We are giving them some autonomy.

Furthermore, cause and effect applications would be great for toddlers. My two year old son enjoys the Talking Tom app. He realizes that if he says,”You’re cute,”  the cat on the iPad screen repeats, “You’re cute” in a different voice. He is amused by this application and it also pushes him to speak and pronounce words.

Below are my students using the musical piano app. allowing them to play the keys on a piano creating their own music. The more they use this iPad app., the more they are familiar with it.

iPadbe iPadbe1

iPadsky iPadsky1

This iPad app is a very popular app.!

Below are 10 free iPad Apps that teach cause and effect from:

10 Free iPad Apps That Teach Cause and Effect


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