My Poem (#3): My LOVE For You




My LOVE For You


I love you more than words can say,

You make me smile each and every day,

You are my motivation and my star,

My pride, joy and inspiration by far,

You make me smile when I am truly sad,

Your nice gestures and words are contagious, I am glad,

When you are not with me, you are in my thoughts,

Making me smile at the thought of you, love you lots!

In my eyes, you are special and one of a kind,

You are a rare gem consistently sparkling; making you a hard find,

The love I have for you is pure and true,

The reason is simple, it is because you are YOU.

I am touched by your sweet laughter, innocence, gestures and words,

Observing you play and be yourself takes away my worries as they fly away like birds.

You are my miracle, my angel and my true love,

You are my child sent to me from above.

By: Mary Tran

There is a special bond and a deep connection between a parent and child. The love between a parent and child is unconditional.


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5 thoughts on “My Poem (#3): My LOVE For You

  1. Spend More Time With Your Children
    It does not matter if you work full time or part time. Maybe you stay at home with your children but you are working from home. Even if you stay home with your children, you are busy trying to get everything done. No matter who you are, you probably think that you are not spending enough time with your children. Quality time, that is. There are many ways to spend more time with your children.
    Your children do not need to play every sport or do every extracurricular activity out there. You could spend all of your time running your children from one practice to another. Pick just one or two activities that your children love and stick with them.
    Plan family dinners where everyone sits at the table, eats, and talks about their day.
    Make dinners special so everyone likes to spend time together while eating.
    Let your children help when you are working on things.
    They can help fix dinner, clean, and fix things. Children learn by watching and doing. Chores can turn into time together so that they are much more enjoyable.
    Do things that your children want to do.
    It is hard when the house is a mess but get on the floor and play with your children. Play games that they enjoy. Have a movie night and watch their favorite movie.
    Find things that you enjoy doing together.
    Arts and crafts can be a big hit. NightArt is helping bring parents and children together. You can design a drawing and watch it light up together.
    No one feels like they spend enough time with their children. However, you need to make the most of time spent together, instead of worrying if you are spending enough time together. Find things that you enjoy doing together, like NightArt. Check it out at It will bring out the artist in everyone, bringing families together.


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