My Unit on Feelings For Educators and Families

My Unit on Feelings 

Unit: Feelings Subject: ELA (vocabulary)

Materials used during the unit: mirror, iPad, Scholastic book titled “Feelings” by Susan Canizares, construction paper, pipe cleaners (for the mouths on the faces), Boardmaker symbols of the feelings of happy, sad,  mad, scared, and excited

We recently completed this unit on Feelings in my classroom. As I teach lessons, I like to incorporate books and technology. The book I included in this unit was a book titled “Feelings” by Susan Canizares. I read the book each day for a week and talked about various feelings we have. Each day of the week, I talked about one of the five feelings in the unit (sad, mad, happy, exited and scared). I used a mirror so the students can see what they look like when they make happy or sad faces. On the last day of the unit, a book of feelings was made. I also used pipe cleaners for the students in my class who don’t see well. The pipe cleaners were perfect because they could be easily shaped for the different mouths in each page that described each feeling. The pipe cleaners are also great for tactile markers for my students.  I also used pictures from the Boardmaker program (the pictures you see below on the pages to the left of the book) giving each student a field of two choices during the lesson. For example, I asked each student to choose which picture is the happy face and which picture is the sad face. Using Boardmaker pictures and having the tactile markers in the booklet is great for students with low vision and students with special needs.   Below are the pictures of the students taken during the lesson.




feelings5feelings6   feelings7


Below is the book used during the unit, the iPad applications used during the unit, and the book one of the students created.


This is the book used for unit on “Feelings”

iPadappfeeling iPadappfeeling1    iPadappfeeling2 feelings feelings1 feelings2 feelings4


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