The big “PT” : Potty Training for all children

I’ve been potty training my youngest child of three and each child has their own unique success story. Each child’s needs and wants vary. Some children take longer to potty train and some train immediately. There are many resources: iPad applications, videos, books, online websites and blogs about potty training. Sometimes, I wish there were not as many resources to choose from. It would be easier for everybody if each child were trained the same way and was successful after a few accidents! As a parent, you are the ultimate trainer. You know your child the best and you would know if your child is ready to be trained.

As a teacher, parent and a person with experience, I know several “must haves” for training a child to potty:

1) Consistency: stick to your plan. If you are potty training and go to work, the baby sitter also must “potty train.”

2) Follow through: whatever you tell your child, you must follow through. Example: If you “pee” in the potty today, I will give you stickers. If you “poop,” I will give you a puzzle.

3) Patience

4) Have a plan and include rewards and praise!

5) Don’t give up!

6) Create a successful “end date” and go for it: Example: My child will be potty trained in one week with only accidents the first couple of days.

For students with disabilities, use rewards, praise, pictures of the toilet (as a reminder) or objects (a plastic mini doll house sized toilet). Be consistent and follow through with your words. Be a model to the child or have a doll role play using the potty.


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