My Announcement of a Job Change

Here is a video from You Tube. It is an inspirational song called the “Rainbow” song dedicated to those who are touched by “autism.”

I have been on a crazy roller coaster ride in the past several months since I was told the school I work in was closing. After 10 plus years, I am sad to see it close, say good bye to my colleagues, the memories I had with all the staff and students who entered and graduated from the program and have had several job interviews. Just last week, I had to pack tons of boxes. It felt like I was packing my life away before my last day of school ended for summer break at the school I worked in for 13 years!

After several months, I am happy to announce that I will be teaching students with autism from the ages of 4-7 in September. For over 10 years, I taught students with multiple disabilities in a middle school setting.

I am excited for this change and although this change is not a “drastic” change from what I have been teaching, it is a change of school, a different age level and class. I have had some experience working with several students with autism and a relative of whom is dear to me.
During the summer break, I will be preparing for my entrance into my new elementary classroom and look forward to making a difference in the lives of my new students!


2 thoughts on “My Announcement of a Job Change

    • Thank you! I am excited and look forward to my new position. I will share my experience with my new class in the fall once the students and I get acquainted with each other!


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