Journal 4: On Summer Mode: Sipping Lemonade and Thinking “Autism”


School is out and I’m spending quality time with my children. One of my favorite drinks in the summer time is a nice cold glass of lemonade. While enjoying one just now, I was thinking about the list of things I have recycled from my own children and still need to purchase before September. In my experience with my own children (2 of whom are toddlers ages 3 and 4) and some experience with children with autism, I have come up with a list of “must haves” for my classroom. Some things are “must haves” in a typical Kindergarten classroom:

1) timer (s): used to time breaks, lessons or transitions

2) the big duplex legos

3) toy vehicles (bus, cars and trucks)  and a rug with roads

5) bean bag chairs (used for breaks)

6) various puzzles

7) bins used for organization and have a clutter free space

8) name strips for arranged seating and to label cubbies

9) painter’s tape: used to define space for each child

10) various size plastic balls

11) folders for each student: used to organize data, progress and goals

12) tennis balls used to decrease noise level under the legs of student chairs and tables

Here are just some of the things that I have in mind currently.  A week from now, my list may get bigger. For now, less is better as long as it is a necessity!

For those who are on summer break, hope it is a relaxing and a fun one!