My Poem (#5): You Are My Support (From A Child’s View)

When I observed a child at the park just the other day in crutches, she sat and watched her mother play with her little brother on the slide, on the jungle gym and on the swings. After sitting for almost 10 minutes, her mother and brother (toddler age) walked to her sister and  helped her sit on the adapted swing. Her brother who could not be more than 4 years old, pushed her on the swing. It was a touching scene! The girls’ eyes lit up and she smiled and laughed as her mother took pictures on her phone. After coming home that day, I thought of this park image that was stuck in my head, my students and my children and came up with this poem below.


   You Are My SUPPORT 

When I feel unattractive, you make me feel like I’m the most beautiful person around,

When my world is dark and a blur, you give me light and clear my path,

When I feel small, you make me feel like I’m the center of the universe,

When I feel embarrassed, you find ways to make me feel confident,

When I am afraid, you make me unafraid and fearless,

When I am ignored, you make me feel like I am the only one who exists,

When I feel helpless, you make me feel strong and competent,

When I am unaware, you help me feel cognizant and receptive,

When I am anxious, you comfort me with your magical words and hugs,

When I am tired, you tell me it’s ok and make me comfortable so I can rest,

When I succeed, you give me endless complements, praise and high fives,

When I am happy, you are even happier!

You are my mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher and friend,

You are my support, my caretaker, my angel, my heart, my love and my shoulder to cry on until the end.


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