My Journal/Poem(#6) : It Is Funny How Things Turn Out!

After my son got sick recently and threw up, the minor disagreement my husband and I  had was pretty much forgotten. It made me think and this was what I came up with.. Enjoy!


It Is Funny How Things Turn Out!

My son found a paper bill under a bush after he said he wanted to save up for a special gift for his friend who was admitted to the hospital for being really sick,

The bill turned out to be 20$! He was so happy, he jumped in the air and thanked good ole’ St. Nick!

A couple had a bickering disagreement before bedtime and 2 hours later their 2 year old son throws up from being sick,

This unfortunate incident allowed for the couple to care and comfort their son bringing together the sad and loving couple quick,

A homeless and very lonely man with hardly any money walks by a begging mother and her crying baby. Without hesitation, he hands them 75 cents,

On his way to a bridge which was what he called his home, a stranded puppy runs to him, licks his face, bringing him the biggest smile.. It all made sense!

Life is funny sometimes: you’re sad one minute and you’re laughing out loud another minute,

Life is also interesting: you’re joking one minute and you’re crying another minute,

It is funny how things turn out!

Written by: Mary Tran



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