Stories From Families of Children/People With Autism

As a special education teacher, I can imagine parents/caretakers of children with autism who might have feelings of being overwhelmed, stress and feelings of  “not knowing what to do” or  “am I doing this right?” I can also imagine the  constant concern, feelings of  being alone but also feelings of optimism and hope by a parent/caretaker with a child who has autism. As a parent of three typical children, I have my own concerns for my children; some similar and some different but share the same love and hopes from a parent for their children.

Below are websites with stories written by various families of children/people with autism. All of the stories I read are interesting. As a teacher who will be teaching students with autism, I have become inspired and motivated to make a difference by these stories and look forward to working with children who have autism. Some stories are similar and other stories are quite unique! I’m hoping you get the feelings of inspiration, hope and optimism as I did when I read the stories. Below are just some websites that are inspiring but there are many more online. Whether or not you know someone who has autism, I hope these stories move you and help you become aware of these amazing families!


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