I Spy With My Eyes, “Sign Language and Braille” at a park!

So we go to a park and we discovered (read on)…

My kids are all still at the age where they all like to go to parks. This summer, I have tried to take them to different parks: some with the typical slides and swings, amusement parks and natural forest type parks.  I just came back from taking my kids to a park that is a half hour from where we live. It is our first time there and after my daughter explores the park, she says, “Mom, I saw this in your classroom.” I came over and saw a big plaque with the alphabet shown with sign language (as shown below).  My daughter was referring to a poster I have in my classroom which each letter of the alphabet signed using ASL (American Sign Language).  It was great to see the alphabet done in sign language,  clock teaching Braille and an adapted swing for children in wheelchairs.

Not many parks my kids and I visit have adapted equipment for children with disabilities or signs of special education awareness like this. It was a wonderful sight! I showed my children each letter in sign language as I have learned in college and each of my children took turns on the swing. It was educational and fun!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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