It Is My Birthday and Maybe, Just Maybe, I Can Be A Voice!

                      Maybe, Just Maybe, I Can Be a Voice!


This year, I am compelled to make this wish tomorrow as I blow out my birthday candles. I don’t wish for or want material things but have wishes for things that are abstract. As I write, I wish that I can think of that ONE word that would sum up all my wishes for my birthday this year. With the recent news, social networking videos of recent happenings, recent deaths and reasons for them, I have a list of thoughts, hopes and desires. Who am I? I am this one small person or an ant in this big world with no big name, no picture on the cover of a magazine, or a glimpse in a movie. I am not an author of a best-selling novel neither am I in the book of the Guinness world records. I have no power to change politics, the law or influence those who do have the power. I am but one person and maybe, just maybe, I can be a voice.

My wishes include RESPECT for people of a different race, color, religion, appearance and cognitive abilities. My wish also includes granting each person living in this planet patience, kindness, understanding and respect for the quality of all life (plants, animals and people). I also wish for each person to be open-minded and not judge, to be optimistic and not so negative, to welcome difference and change for the better of mankind and to treat one another as if they were family.

Birthdays are not a big deal! It comes each year and you just get older… But within each year are 365 days and in each day are 24 hours and you know what? … A hell of a lot can happen in a year! So, I’m going to make that wish and maybe, just maybe, I can be a voice.







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