A Little About My Nephew Who is Autistic

To my avid blog readers, I have been missing in action during the last couple of weeks because I have been preparing for my new classroom, setting up and purchasing more items. I am excited and look forward to teaching students who have autism in the Kindergarten to first grade level. I will be meeting my new students next week and can’t wait to teach them and make a difference in their lives.  When I think of this age, my nephew comes to mind. My nephew is autistic, going to be in a Kindergarten class and is 4 years old. He is verbal but sometimes, it is not functional. He has been in the Early Intervention program since he was 2 years old and continues to thrive in it. With guidance and prompts, he is able to communicate his needs and wants by pointing and gesture. He expresses frustration and fatigue with tantrums but they are now less because he has made progress with his communication skills.  I believe that all children with special needs including my nephew will make progress if all the skills learned are consistent across all settings. The settings include the home, the school the child attends and during Early Intervention home visits(if the child is enrolled in one). Some skills learned are social and communication skills. My nephew’s family is very much involved with his education and in his life.

My nephew likes to be tickled, snuggle in a blanket, gives hugs and likes to jump on anything bouncy (ex. bed or couch). He is lovable and has the cutest smile! I am fortunate to be his aunt. He is an angel just as all children are.

Below are pictures of my nephew. In the top row, he is posing with my daughter at the pool.


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


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