My Poem (#7): My Lost Boy (A Child With Autism)

As I work with students with autism, I see many similarities and many differences in all the students! They are all special and all unique! Some need hugs and some do no like hugs, some children need sensory input and others do not and some children are ok with a high level of noise and some are not. Below is a poem about a child who does not like a high level of noise.

My Lost Boy

Find me mommy, find me,
Find me daddy, find me,
I’m overwhelmed and consumed by lots of noise,
By other kids around me screaming and playing with toys,
I don’t know what to do but I don’t like it,
So I hide in a far away corner by the fence and sit,
Crouched in the corner, I cover my ears,
As I rock back and forth, my face is covered in tears,
Take me away to my quiet bedroom,
Where there is peace and quiet, as I was in mommy’s womb,
“Tommy, where are you?” I hear from afar, “Where are you?”
I want to respond, I really really do!
As I tremble and rock with my eyes closed, I just can’t respond,
I want to say mommy, I am here, just bring your wand,
With your wand, you can zap me back home,
Where I can freely play and roam,
Then I felt a touch and a hug,
I opened my eyes and I felt a familiar tug,
My mommy found me!
My daddy found me!

Hooray, I am found, hooray, hooray, hooray!

Written by: Mary Tran


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