What Works in My Classroom of K-1st Grade Autism May Work in Your Classroom/Home

Below, you will see several things that make my classroom successful for the students. I would like to share this with you. We are on week 3 of school and the students are familiar with the class routine and are given structure.   Some of the things you see are the classroom schedule shown with visuals, the traffic light used for our classroom behavior management, a board of visuals used throughout the school day and painter’s tape (blue) used to personalize space for each student. These are some of the things used in my class that makes it a smooth and successful day! 


photo 1

The schedule includes visuals of the activities/subjects during the day. It is changed each day. Some activities stay the same like breakfast and lunch. On the bottom right hand is a laminated red envelope showing “all done.” The activities that are complete during the day are put into this red envelope to show the students what activities/subjects are complete and what is left.

photo 2

The traffic light is used throughout the school day. Each clothes pin has a student’s name on it and it signifies where the student is at the time. If a student is on the green light (thumbs up), he/she is following the classroom rules. If a student is on a yellow light, he/she was given a warning. If the student is on a red light, the student did not follow the classroom rules throughout the day. Most of my students understand this strategy and it works!

photo 5

The blue painter’s tape is used to separate space for the students as they share the table space. It allows for personal space and ownership.

photo 3

These visuals include: a visual for “break,” “wait” sign, and most importanly, the “yes” and “no” visual for my students who are nonverbal.

photo 4


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