Meet Some of My K-1st Grade Students: We Also Enjoy Structured Educational Play Through Various Ways

In addition to seated academic paper pencil work, we also learn through structured educational play. Some of the things we have done are playing with our rainbow colored parachute, exploring ourselves in the mirror, playing with play doh using our fine motor skills and using our imagination with toy trains on our classroom rug.

The rainbow colored parachute is popular with our students. They like to run under it as it is tossed in the air, balance balls on top of it and make waves with it. 

                photo 1     photo 5

                        photo 4     photo 1

Below, the students are looking in the mirror looking at different facial expressions they made.

photo 5    photo 3    photo 2

Here, you will see two of my students using their fine motor skills through play doh exploration!

photo 2     photo 4

Another popular choice is playing with toy trains on our classroom rug while using their imagination making the “choo choo” sound and moving the trains along the imaginary track. 

 photo 3


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