The Behavior Management Plan That Makes My Classroom Successful

After the month of September, my behavior management plan has been tweaked and adjusted. After consulting with my team (my paraprofessionals in my class), we have come up with this new and improved traffic light (see below). The traffic light includes the faces (happy and sad) and the rules in the classroom which are: nice hands, listen, sit and quiet. It also includes clothes pins for each student in the classroom. After every period or every other period (depending on necessity), the clothes pins with the student’s names are moved to a different color light depending on whether or not the student is following the classroom rules. By the end of the day, if the student is on green light, the student is able to have a full 30 minute recess and earn a sticker. If a student is on yellow light, the student loses 5 minutes of recess only getting 25 minutes of recess and sits on the bench for 5 minutes. If a student is on red light, the student loses 10 minutes of recess resulting in 20 minutes of recess and sits on the bench for 10 minutes. We are now in mid- October and most of my students have learned this and what the results are if he should be on a different light other than the green light.

Furthermore, each student has his own copy of the traffic light and of the classroom rules in front of him to remind him what the rules are (see below). It is also easily accessible for the teacher in the classroom to access when needed to remind that particular student of their behaviors. Most of the students in my classroom understand what the rules are and understand the concept of the traffic light. The individual rules and individual traffic light for each student is laminated.

Below, you will also see a star chart that is titled, “We Are Stars.” On the left of the chart are the students pictures. In the chart, the students automatically have stars each day of the week (Monday-Friday). At the end of each day, the students are rewarded a star only if the student is on the green light. If a student is on a yellow or red light, a star is taken off the chart for that day. The goal is to have the student earn all 5 stars for each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). The student will only earn all 5 stars if the student is on the green light at the end of each weekday (Monday-Friday). By Friday, the student earns a big reward of preference or choice. One of the reward choices is the iPad and jumping on a trampoline. By mid-November, I believe all the students will understand this concept.

This may work in your home. Traffic lights were made for some of my students to be used at home because it works in school and for consistency.

photo 1     photo 2

photo 3       photo 5

photo 4


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