My Poem (#8): Pay It Forward

I recently helped a student who is in need at my school and it makes me feel good knowing that I “paid it forward” and “made a difference.”  I am positive that the student I helped will be thankful for it and put smiles on her face. My husband and my children are aware of this good deed as I am hoping to be a good role model for my children. As I “Pay It Forward,” I hope my children will do the same now and for the rest of their lives. The attached URL link is on and it is exactly what my poem is about.

I also thought about the movie, “Pay It Forward” made in 2000, based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It starred Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. A little boy did a good deed to others and they in return did good deeds to others and so on. If you haven’t watched the movie, it is a must see!

photo 2

Here is a picture of some things I collected of donations from various people for a student … paying it forward

photo 1

                              Pay It Forward

With all the negativity surrounding us, I tend to forget that there are positive and generous people out there,
There are people who want to “Pay It Forward” and show they care,

I pay it forward in hopes that others do the same,
Being humble, not wanting popularity, riches and fame,

I do one or more kind action to you and you do one or more kind action to another,
Maybe to a stranger, a friend, a relative, your mother or brother,

But I am making a difference and paying it forward to someone in need,
Putting a smile on my face and someone else’s, yes indeed.

So please, if you can, pay it forward to a person in need,
Because it will be a better world to live in, it is a good deed.

By: Mary Tran


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