More Amusing Ways of Learning Addition and Subtraction In Our Math Class

In my last blog post about math, I shared what we did in our math class as the students learned about creating addition and subtraction problems. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, my students learn through “play” or use materials that make learning fun and enjoyable. Below, you will see magnets of various things and people you’ll see at a beach (people, starfish, sail boats, crabs, fish, etc.) used as manipulatives during my math class. These manipulatives were as equally entertaining to my students as they were with the magnetic vehicles.  I use these vehicles in my math curriculum to keep the students engaged and to keep them motivated. I told them we were playing a game where they can choose what magnets they wanted to use to create an addition or a subtraction equation.  

I began the math game by creating an addition equation. I modeled what I expect the students to do. After I created an equation, the students wrote the equation and solved it. The students then took turns creating their own subtraction or addition equation by choosing the magnet manipulatives of choice (see below). The other students then wrote down the equation and solved it. 


photo 2  photo 1

photo 5  photo 4  photo 1    photo 3

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My Poem (#9): Unspeakable Emotions

This poem was inspired by some of my students who are nonverbal. This poem could be for anyone: a caretaker, guardian, mother, father, aunt, uncle or a teacher who has a relationship with a child who has autism. It helps to remind us that we have to keep in mind that although a child with autism is nonverbal, she/he will be able to hear what we say in front of them, see what we do and sense our emotions and feelings. We have to remind ourselves to have patience for the child, be respectful and have high expectations. 

                                 Unspeakable Emotions

 Sometimes, you forget I exist because I am quiet at times and cannot speak,

I am eight years old, I am not aggressive, I can be timid, mild and meek,

I may not speak, but with my keen sense of hearing, I do hear your words,

Sometimes your words are kind and other times, they can pierce through me like swords,

Even though I don’t understand every word I hear, I see your gestures and facial expressions as you pace back and forth and shout out words,

As I shrink into the corner of the room, my feelings tell me they are hurtful words and make me want to run and fly away with the birds,

I am confused because you tell me you love me and other times, you push me away not wanting to look at me,

You know what? I am a nonverbal autistic child who cannot express all my emotions…I am me!

So please have patience, respect me and have high expectations for me,

I have feelings like you and if you understand me better, you will love me more, the true me!

by: Mary Tran

Views of My Blog across the Continents

I knew people in the United States would view my blog but I had no idea people from across the world would too!  I am excited about the visits to my blog that has become viral globally. I did not think it would be viewed so widely. Some people who have viewed my blog outside of the United States are from: Australia, India, Ghana, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, Barbados, Japan, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands. 

To all of my consistent blog readers and readers from around the world, I hope that my blog has helped, educated, enlightened and motivated you and will continue to do so. I hope my blog also has helped you as parents, family members and educators of children with and without special needs! Please feel free to comment, complement and share your opinion. 

I will continue to share with you what I do with my students in my current classroom of Kindergarten students with autism, share my poems and journals as a mother/teacher. Happy Blog reading!

Below are some screen shots of the stats of my blog visitors and show where they are from.

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