Views of My Blog across the Continents

I knew people in the United States would view my blog but I had no idea people from across the world would too!  I am excited about the visits to my blog that has become viral globally. I did not think it would be viewed so widely. Some people who have viewed my blog outside of the United States are from: Australia, India, Ghana, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, Barbados, Japan, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands. 

To all of my consistent blog readers and readers from around the world, I hope that my blog has helped, educated, enlightened and motivated you and will continue to do so. I hope my blog also has helped you as parents, family members and educators of children with and without special needs! Please feel free to comment, complement and share your opinion. 

I will continue to share with you what I do with my students in my current classroom of Kindergarten students with autism, share my poems and journals as a mother/teacher. Happy Blog reading!

Below are some screen shots of the stats of my blog visitors and show where they are from.

 ,photo 1   photo 2     photo 3 photo 4       photo 5      photo 1 photo 2     photo 3      photo 4 photo 5


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