My Poem: The Short Story of The Holiday Challenge

The holiday is quickly approaching and we have been so busy at school and at home. At school, we did various holiday arts and crafts, decorated our bulletin board with a winter theme, sang and read about winter and snowmen. At home, my kids wrote their wish lists, decorated our tree, drank hot chocolate and read holiday related stories.

At home, I also mentioned to my children how there are other people who don’t have what we have. They don’t have a tree to decorate and presents under their tree. I mentioned that there are some children at mommy’s school who don’t have enough clothes to wear and food to eat. I also told my children that I have been collecting donations for those in need at the school I work in. Last night, while we prayed before going to bed, we listed the things we were thankful for and we prayed for those families who are in need.

When I write poetry, I am moved and motivated. I usually write from experience and observation. Below is a holiday poem I just wrote that I would like to share with you. I hope you take this poem at heart and take the challenge. Happy holidays to you and your family and may the new year bring you happiness and peace! Enjoy the poem!

IMG_5293       The Short Story of The Holiday Challenge

 As I drive by the homes in my town each day in December, I see holiday decorations galore,
I see lights on the trees outside, child sized electric reindeer and plastic snowmen, and wreaths on each door.
The radio stations play various holiday music from oldies to modern-day,
They play Elvis’s Blue Christmas and Michael Buble’s Jingle All The Way.
My emails are loaded with sale after sale from every business and store,
Publicizing late night holiday hours, discounts, coupons, sales and more.
The parking lots are packed with not a parking space in sight,
Especially on weekends from morning, noon to night.
As I observe, sit and contemplate about the hustle and bustle during this December holiday,
I think about what the real meaning is and asked people what they think and would say.
A few say it is a time for drinks, parties and gifts under the tree,
Several others say it is about Santa, stockings, eating cookies and drinking tea.
For some, it is a time of sorrow, with loved ones who are not present or far away,
Thinking about people in their lives who have passed away or a soldier serving their country they say.
I also spoke to some people who cannot afford gifts, decorations or a tree,
In addition to much-needed furniture, clothes and sometimes food, so sad to see.
I say it is a time to celebrate love and family and doing a good deed,
Having positive thoughts, putting a smile on someone’s face, and helping others in need,
It is a time to celebrate and respect various religions, cultures and beliefs,
To be open-minded, accept, educate and learn other’s beliefs,
Some tend to forget the true meaning as they indulge in their rewards, possessions and material things,
They tend to overlook other’s needs and religions focusing on gifts and diamond rings.
Challenge yourself and find your true meaning of the December holiday,
Look deep down at yourself and others around you, and maybe you will see the true meaning of the holiday.

Written by: Mary Tran


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