My Poem: The Creation of TEAM in Schools

First, I wanted to wish you a happy new year!!! I hope everyone’s holiday was a great one! While on a school vacation and thinking back on this past year of 2014, I was thinking about my current school and the previous schools I have been in. I was thinking about personal and professional relationships built in schools and the importance of teamwork. Working effectively as a team or teams towards a common goal would make a school a successful one.

Varying from school to school, district to district, town or city, each school runs differently. Each school has its own staff, administration, politics, expectations and requirements. As a teacher of 14 years, I have been through 4 different administrators all with different expectations and different leadership skills.

Within each school, there are many teams. To name several, some are teacher leader teams, grade level teams and there is the school team as a whole. Just like in any work place, all employees or individuals have different qualities, personalities and skills and it is up to the team to use that to its full potential.

Below is a poem I wrote about the creation of teams in schools.

                       The Creation of Teams in Schools

T: Together, each and every person is on the same page working together effectively completing similar task(s) and ultimately realizing their true potential as a whole.

E: Each and everyone acknowledges and respects others’ opinions and thoughts as they are helping each other achieve a common goal.

A: Asset: Each and every person is an asset possessing his/her own qualities that could lead to generating performance greater than one or few individuals.

M: Mutual respect is given to and received from each and everyone on the team creating an environment that allows each member to freely express and share their skills and valued opinions leading to mutual commitment.


The team is defined by those who are apart of it, creating mutual respect and sharing common goals.

 When each member of a team unites, each and everyone’s ideas and skills make an effective group as a team molds.

 Each individual is committed and dedicated to educating each and every young mind to the highest potential and degree,

 Producing and sharing products, reports and data making a school the best it can be.

 An educational program or school is successful if the team is consistent, productive and dedicated to a common goal throughout the school year. 

 It is filled with unique individuals of who are all leaders, motivators and humanitarians wanting to make a difference showing they care. 

 For everyone involved, the time duration in a school year consists of 180 days of which can be tedious and challenging at times, 

 Facing many obstacles that include political tension, increasing employee requirements and changes and data driven reports making the workplace challenging sometimes.

 But as a team, one of the common goals is to overcome those obstacles, requirements and tension and work together to make the school the best it can be,

 Because reaching and educating each and every child in a school is the ultimate goal that unlocks each child’s potential, that is the key. 

 A team is the best if each and every member believes in and is committed to the common goal,

 Which is feeding each and every young mind with every bit of knowledge adequately seasoned in the educational bowl. 

written by: Mary Tran


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