Our Unit on Martin Luther King Jr.

I began our unit of the week last week by reading the book (see below) each day before Morning Meeting ends explaining to the students why we have no school on Monday. The book it titled, “Let’s Read About…Martin Luther King, Jr. by Courtney Baker. After reading the story, the students colored pictures of Martin Luther King (one picture is below). The next day, the students completed a questionnaire about the book by filling in the blanks (see below). During the middle of the week, I showed a video on You Tube called, “Our Friend, Martin.” The video was child friendly and gave details about Martin Luther King Jr.’s story.  At the end of the week, the students did an activity where they had to share their own dream.

The MLK bulletin board are  shown in the pictures below.



IMG_5886            IMG_5881

IMG_5882  IMG_5883

IMG_5917  IMG_5919      IMG_5918


IMG_5989     IMG_5991


Learning Prepositions in My Kindergarten-1st Grade Autistic Class

Using props, books, technology, music or manipulatives are a way to maintain the attention of my students during most or all of my lessons. During this ELA lesson, I teach my students the prepositions first introducing a music video about prepositions on You Tube which is the URL above.

An example of a line in the music video is,” Where’s the monkey? The monkey’s in the box, the monkey’s in the box, where’s the monkey, there’s the monkey, the monkey’s in the box.”  Prepositions are highlighted in the You Tube video using a monkey that keeps popping up in different places. The music video highlights some of the prepositions I use in my lesson.

After the music video is seen by my students, I take out my stuffed monkey which I named, “Mandy the Monkey and her baby.” I tell the students that Mandy likes to play games with her baby monkey. She likes to hide in all different places. I made a set of index cards from the Boardmaker program that include some prepositions like: in, out, in front, beside, below, behind, etc. Each student takes a turn to pick a card, reads the preposition on the card and places the monkey where the card says to place the monkey. Like the music video on You Tube, we also sing the same tune on the video during our lesson. For example, if the student chooses the word, “beside,” we sing the tune. The Tune is: “Where’s the monkey? Where’s the monkey? The monkey’s beside the box, the monkey’s beside the box, where’s the monkey, there’s the monkey, the monkey’s beside the box.” As we sing this tune, the student places the monkey besides the box.  I have done this lesson for a month now and the students enjoy the video and have learned the words of the song.

Below are my students seeing the preposition music video. After seeing the video they then pick a card with a preposition on it and place the monkey where the card says to place it.

IMG_5702   IMG_5701 IMG_5846 IMG_5848 IMG_5850 IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5695 IMG_5699