One of The Lessons We Did For Black History Month

For black history month, one of the lessons I did was read “The Story of Ruby Bridges” by Robert Coles. The story was perfect for my class because Ruby, the main character was a six-year-old girl who is around the same age as some of my students. It was a touching story about a brave black girl going to an all white school.

As I read the story, I had to pause in between and asked my students questions about what I was reading to check for understanding.  After reading the story, the students completed a worksheet. I created the worksheet using the Board maker program creating visuals for the students who needed them (see below).

After the students completed the worksheet, I asked my students how they think Ruby felt as she went to school then asked them how they would feel if they were Ruby. Below is the sheet I used to help my students describe their feelings. The sheet includes basic feelings like happy, sad and mad. I also showed them a picture of “scared” which is not pictured below.

IMG_6405 IMG_6408 IMG_6410




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