Great Homemade Lego Table for Lego Lovers!!

As soon as I saw the picture below online about how to build this lego table, I became excited! This was the perfect table for my own children who all like legos! This project took me a couple of days and it was successful! All you need is a 4-5 feet long board (depending on how long you want the table), 2 plastic storage bins to store sorted legos and lego magazines, a desk clip-on lamp, lego boards, 2 non-skid mats and a chair or two.

Fortunately, I was able to find the wooden board for the table in my basement and I already owned the plastic storage bins. I bought the lego boards from a Lego store for 14.99$ each and the clip-on desk lamp was a gift I received. I purchased the non-skid mats from a local Target and cut it in 2 pieces and put each in between the wooden table and the top of each storage bin. This table was long enough to fit 1-2 chairs. 

This is definitely an easy and fun project that will make your students or children have hours, days and months of fun!

 IMG_6579    IMG_6541  IMG_6467 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6473 IMG_6475

IMG_6537    IMG_6538    IMG_6540


IMG_6505  IMG_6482  IMG_6484


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