How We Celebrated Autistic Awareness in April

For the Autistic Awareness month in April, we did several things during the middle of the month. We had a school assembly that included performances from the students with autism, a cookie decorating social with students in the general education population, a parent appreciation breakfast and also had several basket raffles to raise money for our AU program. 

For the school assembly, I was the master of ceremony (mc). With the help of my staff, we made t-shirts for my students. One of my students read a story about himself which was titled, “All About Me” created by his ABA. My students also sang a song called, “I am awesome!”  One of the teachers in the program showed a slide show that educated students in the general education population about autism. After the assembly, the students had some “blue” cupcakes and other snacks. It was a busy but inspiring and educational week!

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Learning About The Appropriate Attire For Each Season In Our Autistic Classroom

As one of our daily lessons, the student are asked various questions during our science/weather lesson. Some of the questions that are asked are: Which item do you wear in the winter, which item do you wear in the summer or which item do you wear in the spring? Given options between a sweatshirt, sandal, hat, shorts, mittens or a tank top, the students answer the questions accordingly. Other items that are included in this lesson are an umbrella, sunglasses, dress, cap, windbreaker jacket and snow boots. You can vary the lesson however you want to. The students will surely enjoy the lesson as they are learning! We sure do!

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Autistic Awareness Month Begins Today: April 2!

Today at the school I teach in, we wore blue to support our students with autism and those who have autism nationally. This year thus far, I have tremendously enjoyed teaching my students who have made progress with structure, consistency, a schedule and a routine. Some of my goals are teaching my students communication and independence in addition to academics. It is so rewarding to see my students be happy, make progress and mature during the course of the year.

I found a simple yet educational video on you tube about autism. Please watch this short video and be inspired!

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