A Great Way to Organize and Store Token Boards, Individual Schedules, Etc.

Below are storage clipboards from my local Staples store. It really is ideal for each student to have in your special education classroom. On the front of the clipboard, it can hold various things. It can hold token boards, individual schedules, communication boards, etc. In the storage part of the clipboard, the tokens can be stored in it, communication symbols and the visuals for the individualized schedules. This is perfect because tokens and visuals can easily be misplaced pr lost. It is perfect! But the price was not. As soon as I saw the price of each storage clipboard costing $10.00, I thought of ways to use this idea and save a bit of money. As a public school teacher, most if not all materials are purchased by the teacher. With 8-10 students in a classroom, this would easily cost over $100.00!

IMG_9315 IMG_9316

Sooo, I purchased regular clipboards and clear pencil case pouches with zippers for storage. I also used string to attached the “storage” case to the BACK of the clipboard. See below. I put together 10 of these for my incoming students.

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