A Great Resource and My Current New Temporary Position…

My current new temporary position at the school I am currently employed with is “autistic strand coordinator.” In this role, I am supporting the teachers in my school who teach students with autism, supporting their students and the families of the students. Currently, I am covering for a person on leave but the 6 plus months of experience will be wonderful!

I will be sharing with you my experiences and I will be able to see, observe and work with more students than just my own class as I did in the years past.  Part of my role is to teach “social skills” in 4 classrooms weekly in addition to functional skills lessons and health/hygiene, etc.  Stay tuned for shared lessons, pictures and resources!

photo 2   photo 2

Below is a great resource for families, teachers or anyone who would like support or resources for children with autism:


If you have children in school, have a wonderful, safe and worry free year!