Our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon With The Families Of Our Students

We just had our Thanksgiving luncheon last month and it usually includes a potluck Thanksgiving luncheon provided by the staff. We usually invite the families of our students.

This year, we took turns saying what we are thankful for AND each class had a performance with a song or reciting poems of what they are thankful for. It was a nice day for us all!


Mud Pudding: Our Halloween Cooking Activity

First, I would like to apologize for my recent absence from my blog. I have been experiencing technical difficulties and have now figured things out. As you might know, I am the Autism Strand Coordinator currently, but my role still includes teaching students as well as supporting the teachers in the autism strand. I teach students from K-8th grade. Last October, we made “Mud Pudding” for a Halloween treat and it was awesome!

Below are pictures that include the Mud Pudding product, the directions and recipe for the students to follow and a picture of a student putting pudding into the tray. The students had a good time and enjoyed the treat!

The materials for the recipe includes: chocolate pudding, graham cookies or chocolate pudding, gummy worms, a spoon and a sandwich bag.