Autism Awareness Week!

For Autism Awareness Week, I planned and coordinated 3 different activities for our staff, students and the families of the students.

On the first day, we held a workshop for the families of our students titled, “What Helps Make Your Child Successful.” The speech therapist, occupational therapist and I spoke about ABA, communication, handwriting and sensory integration. The families who attended said it was informative and were glad they attended the workshop.

On the second day, the students in each class performed a song or a skit for the Autism Awareness assembly. One of the teachers created an informational  slideshow about autism. All the staff wore their t-shirts (see below) and the entire school wore blue! It was touching to see the rest of the staff and students in the entire school wore blue.

On the last day, we had a pizza party in appreciation to our staff and students! It was a fun day! Everyone enjoyed it!

IMG_1481    IMG_1482