Great Educational Ideas for the Classroom/Home From Pinterest








I am a big fan of Pinterest and I have been seeing wonderful ideas for my home and classroom. Below are some great ideas I wanted to share with you! Enjoy!




pinterest1                      pinterest2                  pinterest3



pinterest4                                            pinterest5


Father’s Day Activities/ Arts & Crafts from Pinterest

If you haven’t heard of or visited Pinterest online ( or do not have the Pinterest app. on your iPhone or iPad, you should definitely consider checking it out! It has wonderful ideas for educators, artists, homeowners, parents, men, women, teenagers, young adults…practically everyone! Here’s a list of just some of the topics on Pinterest:











-home decor




As you know, father’s day is approaching and I found some great  ideas on Pinterest. Check it out and “pin” away!! You won’t regret it and might thank me 🙂




dadsday1 dadsday2 dadsday3 dadsday4 dadsday5 dadsday6 dadsday7 dadsday8 dadsday9 dadsday10