Recommended Child Friendly iPad Case for Toddlers and Children With Special Needs

After several days of research, I chose this green iPad case that has a convertible handle and stand.  It is used in the classroom with my students and at home with my toddlers. It is very durable and convenient. It was purchased on amazon. Other colors for boys and girls are available and for all iPad models. If you’re interested, click the description below for more information.

iPadsky     iPadbe1


iPad Built In Apps That Tend To Be Forgotten For Educational Purposes: Camera and Video

As educators and family members of children who use the iPad, we tend to forget to utilize some iPad built-in applications like the camera and the video for educational purposes. The camera and video are such valuable educational tools that do so much more for us  than what we use them for during our daily living purposes. Sometimes, we tend to focus on the iPad apps we purchase on the iPad app store and forget about the basic camera and video that can be used educationally in a school/home setting. The camera portrays images that cannot be captured in a video and the video portrays action and movement that cannot be captured in a camera. Both the camera and video capture memorable moments for educators and families! Some moments make us proud and  make us think to ourselves, “Wow, my student has made so much progress in the last couple of months!” While other moments make us sad because we see through captured images or videos how fast the student/child has grown. I have pictures and videos of my children from birth to their current age. When people say, “Pictures speak a thousand words,” it is true! Make memories at school and at home, record data through videos of student progress and create educational lessons/activities with pictures. You can also record on the video of a student or child using the one single iPad app overtime and see results. Be creative with it!  Below are just some of the reasons why the camera and video are vital tools to use for educational purposes in the classroom and at home:

For students/children, the camera and video:

–  Captures great memories

–  Fosters creativity

–  Allows the student/child to see themselves (self image) through pictures or in action in a video

– Shows physical and personal growth

– Documents self expression and creates reflection

– Students can create projects in videos

– Builds imagination

– The camera creates a slideshow of all the pictures taken  and (depending on the phone) has flash and zoom in/out features.

– Fairly easy to use , child friendly

For teachers and parents/guardian and family members, the camera and video:

– Captures great moments and special memories

– Helps  to collect data to show student progress within a specific time frame

– Can create lessons showing sequence and feelings through facial expressions (see pics below)

– The camera creates a slideshow of all the pictures taken  and (depending on the phone) has flash and zoom in/out features.

– The video captures moments the camera does not showing progress over time recording details, and time

– Fairly easy to use

Below are some great pictures caught of some of my students and my son blowing out a candle:

iPaspic2 iPadpic1

iPadpic3                     photo-99
Below are pictures put into a collage (using the collage app) that can be used in educational lessons or show progress of an individual over time:
1)  The first picture is my son showing lots of progress in swimming after 2 months!
2) The picture  next to my son swimming is my silly daughter making faces showing different feelings (can be used in an educational  “feelings” lesson)
3) The picture below my son swimming is a typical day at school in the life of one my students.
4) The picture next to my student are pictures of my family showing things you can do in the season of fall which can be used in a Seasons theme lesson for fall (slide down a pile of leaves, make fall angels and go foliage sightseeing)
5) The last picture shows fireworks on the fourth of July
collage1 collage2 collage3collage5 collage6


Cause and Effect iPad Apps. for Children With Significant Disabilities Post 2 (see page: Benefit of iPad Usage)

The cause and effect applications on iPads allow for us to assess our students/children who have significant disabilities to see what motivates them and makes them “light” up.  It allows us to see what they like, dislike, enjoy and what apps. they are not amused with.  It helps the students/children themselves see that something happens when they touch the iPad screen and  something continues to happen when they continue to touch the screen.  Why does the iPad app. make beautiful sounds? The CAUSE would be the student  touching the piano keys and the EFFECT would be the sounds the app. makes. We as educators and family members give the students/children the power to make something happen independently.

There are some cause and effect applications on the iPad for children with significant disabilities including visual impairments and developmental disabilities. With a slight touch of the finger (s) or hands, the iPad application will generate sounds, music and light depending on the application. Cause and effect apps. are wonderful for students with multiple disabilities allowing for them to “control” the music or light on their own. The more they are exposed to these cause and effect apps., the more they understand why the slight touch of their hand/finger is creating light or music. We are giving them some autonomy.

Furthermore, cause and effect applications would be great for toddlers. My two year old son enjoys the Talking Tom app. He realizes that if he says,”You’re cute,”  the cat on the iPad screen repeats, “You’re cute” in a different voice. He is amused by this application and it also pushes him to speak and pronounce words.

Below are my students using the musical piano app. allowing them to play the keys on a piano creating their own music. The more they use this iPad app., the more they are familiar with it.

iPadbe iPadbe1

iPadsky iPadsky1

This iPad app is a very popular app.!

Below are 10 free iPad Apps that teach cause and effect from:

10 Free iPad Apps That Teach Cause and Effect

iPad apps for children with autism/special needs post 1 (see page: Benefits of iPad Usage)

There are many free apps on the IPAD that are appropriate for children with autism/special needs. Some are listed here:

1) My colors lite (teaches colors)

2) color slapps (identification of basic colors)

2) Yes/No (great for students to communicate with questions requiring a yes/no response)

3) speech lite (provides pictures and pronunciation of the words on the pictures)

4) touch & say (identifies feelings, colors, numbers, letters, and provides pronunciation of the words, etc.)

5) autism iHelp : sorting (has the child sort various objects into categories)

6) autism iHelp: same and different (find the picture that matches)

7) autism iHelp: opposites (find the opposite)

8) autism iHelp: comprehension (placing shapes and colors on objects)

9) autism iHelp: phonological awarenss (rhymes)

10) autism iHlep wh?: (identifies people and things using who, what, when, where, why questions)

11) autism iHelp play : (toys, outdoor acticitivities, games, etc.)

12) autism iHelp colors

13) autism iHelp language concepts

14) autism iHelp shapes

Below are some images of the apps mentioned above:

autisticapp1 autisticapp2 autisticapp3 autisticapp4 autisticapp5 autisticapp6

autisticapp8 autisticapp7autisticapp7.1