ORGANIZATION at Home and School: The Power Behind Portfolios

What is a portfolio? There are a variety of portfolios. Just to mention a few, there are adult work related portfolios and there are portfolios made for children. In this blog, the portfolio highlighted is the children’s portfolio which is a collection of worksheets, portraits, photographs, school pictures, class pictures, art work, etc. Portfolios document a child’s journey and gives a child pride.  It a record of an individual’s growth by age or grade in school. It is something special to look back on as a young adult and say to yourself ,”Wow, I was pretty impressive” or “I was such an artist then and so creative?”  It is up to you what you want to include in a portfolio.

Parents, family members or guardians can create portfolios for their children as I have (see pictures below). I have the children choose what they want to put in their portfolios so they have some “power” into creating their portfolios. Teachers in schools also create portfolios for educational/academic reasons but also keep the student’s work and photographs for the students to bring home as  “scrapbook of memories” of that school year. For both parents and teachers, the portfolios give the children a sense of responsibility, pride, ownership and importance. Portfolios create great conversations and stories in both the home and school settings.

Below, you will see three binders I created for my three children. I included page protectors and dividers. The page protectors “protect” each product in the portfolio from damage. The dividers divide sections of the binder by grade or age. In the binders, I included first drawings, school work or artwork from school, diplomas or certificates from school, school pictures, class pictures, etc. Before putting items in the binders, I talked to my children about the purpose of the portfolio. As I did this, they were happy about them and looked forward to the compilation process. If you haven’t created portfolios for your children or students, consider starting now! It is never too late!



.portfolio portfolio1    portfolio2 portfolio4 portfolio5 portfolio6 portfolio7 portfolio9 potfolio8 portfolio10 portfolio11 portfolio12 portfolio13


This is a portfolio for my students at school