Journals From a Mom of Three and a Special Ed. Teacher on a Mission

In this blog, I will also share with you my journals from a mother of three and a special education teacher’s perspective in addition to ideas from the classroom and my poems. I will share with you my joys, my achievements, reasons to be proud, my struggles, concerns, my goals, my hopes, my dreams, etc. The importance of journal writing is to hold onto special memories, vent, share with you my dreams and hopes that came true and give you reasons that things can happen if you put time and effort into it. Journaling is recording personal thoughts, insights, daily experiences at home and in the classroom. Journaling can also support personal growth and reflection and for me it has done just that! Before blogging, I put my reflections, thoughts, goals, hopes, vent, etc. in a small hardcover notebook. Because of journaling, things have become clear and I have seen some of my personal and professional goals accomplished and look back by reading how it all came about!

I hope you share your experiences as a parent, family member or an educator. I also hope you would relate, learn, be inspired, share struggles and concerns, etc. That is what blogging is about! It gives you a chance to comment, gain information, have conversation, etc. Please feel free to have a conversation (s) and share your stories! Stay tuned for posts of  my journal!

Here are some pictures of my children…

mykids mykids1 mykids2 asian2photo 4mykids3 lovepoemkids



Here are some of my students in the classroom past and present…

students1       friends  friends1

math      photo 3     photo-79


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