Organization at Home and School

Being organized makes you happy and it makes others around you happy whether you’re at home or at school. Being organized gives you structure, peace of mind and it makes everyone happy. It it worth it if you put your time and energy to be organized. Living a clutter free life and getting organized can have a huge positive impact on your life. There are so many positives to being organized! There is less stress, less frustration and less to worry about. When there is clutter, a mess, and chaos, life could be stressful and you can become scattered and tense.

Be a responsible teacher in school and a provider at home and become organized. If you already are, continue to be organized. It will give both the school and home environment a better place to be in for all those involved.

One of the most benefits of being organized is that it puts you in a position of control. You are  able to stay focused, become more decisive in your decisions and be productive. When children are involved, it may become a little challenging. With time, effort, patience and persistence, you can become organized. Have the children help. Have them be responsible and become organized themselves. Be role models! With organization, things get done faster and smoother.   You have control of your life so take charge. For the educator, you have control in the classroom. Have the students help. Make it classroom jobs. Use rewards if you would like but stick to the goal and be consistent.

Below are some images in my home. In the top row, my son organized his legos by sorting them by colors and size. It gave him responsibility and ownership. You’ll also see the multicolored drawer organizer storing our arts and crafts supplies. I also labeled some drawers for each of my children. Furthermore, you will see binders I put together for each of my children for homework. Each binder included lined white paper, two folders, page protectors and page dividers. My daughter is personalizing hers by putting some markers in the pockets and a picture she made of herself on the cover of the binder. The children take ownership and is responsible for his/her binder.



photo 2-11organizationbinder




5 thoughts on “Organization at Home and School

  1. Great job with organization! We’ve been trying to figure out some tips to organize his games, toys, books and put him on a chore schedule.. we gotta start early !! 🙂 Thanks for the tips!!


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